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We focus on social, mobile, browser and cross-platform game development. We can create a completely new game from scratch or refactor, or maintain and support an existing project. We can also provide you with many helping hands, should your game be missing some components, for example 3D or 2D art, GUI, animation, QA or something else.

Over the past few years our team has created games for a wide range of companies, using different technologies, systems, engines, frameworks, tools and plugins.

Frontend and backend development

Social and browser games

actionscript html5 js ajax

Mobile games


Cross-platform games

Backend and analytics

Game websites

Art creation

2D - characters, icons, backgrounds, GUI, mock-ups and conceptual art

3D - modelling, texturing, rigging





Full development cycle and on-going development

We provide you with all aspects of the game development process. Starting from early game design, we develop your game through its alpha and beta versions to its first release and beyond!

Focus on your needs

Your expectations and needs are the starting point for all we do. Our goal is to make you fully satisfied by providing game development services that exceed your expectations!