Over a period of six years we have built a strong team of 200 game development professionals, who are passionate gamers themselves. Our team is fully committed to ensuring that you are satisfied with the results of our work, so every team member acts as an integral part of your team. As a leading independent game production studio in Europe, we are uniquely positioned to offer you the full benefit of our game production experience.

iLogos team

  • Alexander Goldybin

    Co-Founder and CEO, iLogos Europe

    Alexander is responsible for general management, marketing, business development and strategy at iLogos Europe. Alexander has a background of 10 years in online games, as a veteran of the browser games industry and a founder and top manager of several game companies. Before co-founding iLogos Europe, he spent the last 4 years building up Astrum Online Entertainment Europe (which later became Mail.Ru Games Europe) to become a notable player on the European online games’ market.

  • Maxim Slobodyanyuk, PhD

    Founder and CEO, iLogos

    As a founding member of the company, Maxim is responsible for iLogos strategic development. Prior to creating iLogos, he coordinated two of his own projects. By the age of eighteen Maxim had already received an award from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) – a Gold Medal in the "The best young inventor" category, which is second only to the Nobel Prize in terms of its significance. Maxim is a member of the Ericsson Mobility World and the Logistics Association of Ukraine. He has 9 patents for inventions in the field of information security and information technology. He has two Master Degrees in economics and management, and a Ph.D. Maxim is an active gamer and a big fan of strategy games!

  • Vasiliy Chernomorov

    CTO, iLogos

    Vasiliy oversees the technical side of things at iLogos. He has been managing game projects for the last five years. Vasiliy has 10 years’ experience in computer science and he is an expert in creating web projects. His experience includes management of server operating systems, system development and implementation, testing of various programs and utilities, software and hardware diagnostic troubleshooting and maintenance, interface design, multimedia recording and playback, development of 3D graphics, networking, and project management. Vasiliy has also worked in game design and production. His project and human resources management skills are indispensable.

  • Elena Lobova

    COO, iLogos

    Elena is responsible for recruiting, retaining and managing the company’s talent. She also heads our administrative department and represents our company at external events. Before coming to iLogos, Elena was vice-president for external relations at an international youth organization. She has significant experience in conference management, and has strong leadership and presentation skills. She is a senior manager of the Get IT! game developers conference, and a moderator of various international IT conferences. Elena has a Master’s Degree in informatics and 5 years of programming experience, including game development.

  • Evgeniy Pavlov

    Art Director, iLogos

    Evgeniy is responsible for the art department at iLogos. He started working with game graphics a long time ago, and has gained significant experience in developing 3D models and animating 3D characters for large projects. He has taught Photoshop at a computer academy and chaired specialized graphic courses. Prior to iLogos, he was a chief designer at an IT company where he successfully completed more than 200 web projects. For the last two and a half years Evgeniy has headed up the art department at iLogos.